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The intercoolers,are also called Charge Air Coolers, functions to cool air inflow. High-temperature air should be cooled before flowing into the engine, which is important to avoid damaging engine and even causing breakdown due to overheating. The intercooler contributes to improving aeration efficiency by reducing temperature of air intake.

Intercoolers are generally installed in cars equipped with superchargers. The intercooler is a component of the turbo charger that reduces temperature of pressurized air and removes excessive heat from the car engine. That will increase air intake and improve power of the engine. The intercooler is an important component for the supercharging system of a  supercharged engine. An intercooler needs to be installed between the supercharger and the intake manifold of the supercharged engine and the turbocharged engine.

● Plastic & Aluminium and Full Alloy or Aluminium


● For Trucks and Passenger Cars


● Precisely engineered cast-aluminum tanks for a perfect fit


● Built with premium grade materials to ensure product quality and durability


● Welded tube design to minimize pressure drop and maximizing heat dissipation in order to achieve maximum engine operating power

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