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Application scenarios


  • Smart Control and Display: Easily manage settings with the intelligent remote control and monitor operation on the clear LCD display.

  • Superior Cooling Power: Experience ultra-efficient cooling with a 5000+ BTU cooling capacity, exceeding standard portable AC units by 30%, ensuring rapid and effective temperature control.

  • Energy Efficient: Save up to 30% on energy consumption compared to traditional portable air conditioners, reducing your environmental impact and energy bills.

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment with the ultra-low noise design, minimizing disruption to your work r relaxation.

  • Reliable Performance: Equipped with a high-quality Panasonic compressor for dependable and long-lasting cooling 

  • Multifunctional Design: Enjoy year-round comfort with multiple modes, including cooling, dehumidifying, and fan-only operation.

  • Easy Installation: The QN800 is designed for simple setup and requires no permanent installation. Just vent it out a window and enjoy instant cooling.

  • Programmable Timer: Set the timer to automatically turn the unit on or off, providing convenient customized control over your cooling schedule.

  • Compact and Portable: Easily move the QN800 from room to room thanks to its compact size and integrated handles.

  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and reliability.



Other custom air-conditioning programmes

1. Single-Hose Portable Air Conditioners

  • Description: These units draw air from the room to cool the condenser and expel warm air through a single exhaust hose.

  • Pros: Easy to install, generally more affordable.

  • Cons: Can create negative air pressure, which may draw in warm air from adjacent rooms.

  • Best For: Small to medium-sized rooms.

2. Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioners

  • Description: These units have two hoses; one for drawing air from the outside to cool the condenser and another to expel the warm air.

  • Pros: More efficient cooling, doesn’t create negative air pressure.

  • Cons: Slightly more expensive and bulkier than single-hose models.

  • Best For: Larger rooms and spaces with higher cooling demands.

3. Evaporative Coolers (Swamp Coolers)

  • Description: Uses water evaporation to cool the air, providing a cooling effect without the need for refrigerants.

  • Pros: Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, adds humidity to the air.

  • Cons: Less effective in humid climates, requires regular water refills.

  • Best For: Dry, hot climates.

4. Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioners

  • Description: Functions as both a cooling and heating unit, using a reversible refrigerant cycle.

  • Pros: Versatile, can be used year-round.

  • Cons: Typically more expensive, larger size.

  • Best For: Areas with moderate seasonal temperature changes.

5. Smart Portable Air Conditioners

  • Description: Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, these units can be controlled via smartphone apps, voice assistants, or other smart devices.

  • Pros: Convenient remote operation, programmable settings, energy-efficient.

  • Cons: Higher initial cost, requires a stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Best For: Tech-savvy users and smart home environments.

Outdoor portable air conditioner

1. Portable Air Conditioners for Tents

  • Description: Designed specifically for tent camping, these units provide reliable cooling in outdoor settings.

  • Pros: Lightweight, easy to set up, low noise levels.

  • Cons: Limited cooling capacity, suitable for small to medium-sized tents.

  • Best For: Camping enthusiasts looking for comfort during hot summer nights.

  • Example Product: "Stay cool in your tent with our portable air conditioner, featuring a compact design and efficient cooling to ensure a comfortable camping experience.

2. Portable Air Conditioners for RVs

  • Description: Built to cool the interior of recreational vehicles, these units offer robust cooling solutions on the go.

  • Pros: High cooling capacity, durable construction, often includes mounting kits.

  • Cons: Requires proper installation, more expensive than standard units.

  • Best For: RV owners seeking reliable climate control during road trips.

  • Example Product: "Experience optimal comfort in your RV with our portable air conditioner, designed for easy installation and powerful cooling performance.

3. Battery-Powered Portable Air Conditioners

  • Description: These units operate on rechargeable batteries, providing cooling without the need for a power outlet.

  • Pros: Highly portable, ideal for remote locations, eco-friendly.

  • Cons: Limited runtime, may require frequent recharges.

  • Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts and travelers who need cooling in remote areas.

  • Example Product: "Our battery-powered portable air conditioner is perfect for off-grid adventures, delivering cool air wherever you need it without the need for an electrical connection.

4. Portable Air Conditioners for Boats

  • Description: Specifically designed to handle the unique conditions on boats, providing effective cooling in marine environments.

  • Pros: Corrosion-resistant, compact and efficient, easy to install.

  • Cons: May be more expensive due to specialized design.

  • Best For: Boat owners and marine enthusiasts looking to maintain comfort on the water.

  • Example Product: "Keep your cabin cool with our marine-grade portable air conditioner, engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of boating while delivering reliable cooling.

5. Portable Air Conditioners for Outdoor Events

  • Description: Ideal for cooling large outdoor gatherings, such as parties, weddings, and festivals.

  • Pros: High cooling capacity, robust design, covers large areas.

  • Cons: Bulkier and less portable, may require a power source.

  • Best For: Event organizers and hosts needing effective cooling solutions for outdoor events.

  • Example Product: "Ensure your guests stay comfortable with our portable air conditioner for outdoor events, featuring powerful cooling capabilities to handle any size gathering.

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