Founded on July 16, 2006, Vethy was initially a workshop producing car radiators. Later on, Vethy has expanded businesses into all cooling and heating parts, including car radiators, condensers, intercoolers, oil coolers, air-conditioning compressors, and others.


Since 2010 Vethy has tapped into the market of automotive power engine systems, dedicated to designing and manufacturing throttle system, electronic sensors, and ignition coil. Meanwhiles, Vethy paved its way to building partnership with leading auto parts retailers in China to distribute Vethy-branded auto parts in the global market.


In 2012, Vethy partnered with the first global retailer to promote Vethy-branded offerings, representing a milestone in our history of brand globalization.

Today Vethy anticipates partnership with excellent auto parts retailers like you to sustain mobility for customers in the world.


Since 2013, Vethy has built partnership with more than 1,000 auto parts retailers in United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. Improved global presence has contributed to over 100 million US dollars of sales revenue for Vethy.

Vethy is dedicated to sustainable mobility with design, manufacture and exporting of quality auto parts and responsive technology supports.

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