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Car Radiator

Car radiator is an automotive part of engine cooling system that eliminates excessive heat from the engine. The car radiator plays a crucial role in avoiding abrupt breakdowns and long-term damages of engine due to overheating.

In order to satisfy the development trend of the whole automobile manufacturing industry, as one of the most

important parts of the automobile cooling system, the working efficiency of the radiator should be improved continuously, and develop

toward the light type direction. Brazing has good applicability in mass production of automobile radiator. How to ensure the quality of

brazing finished product is a highly valued topic in the industry. On the basis of summarizing the composition of automobile radiator,

this paper studies the brazing technology, and guides the reasonable optimization of brazing process by experiment, so as to guarantee

the heat dissipation performance of automobile radiator to meet the requirements and improve brazing qualified rate.

Vethy™️ cooling system will meet the development trend of the automobile manufacturing industry forever.

Keywords: automobile; car radiator; brazing radiator; process

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Car Radiator

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