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All Aluminium Car Radiator

Car radiator is an automotive part of engine cooling system that eliminates excessive heat from the engine. The car radiator plays a crucial role in avoiding abrupt breakdowns and long-term damages of engine due to overheating.

Vethy offers you good-looking and high-performance radiator fitting your cars. Vethy can customize radiators that satisfy your expectation. Our excellent design and engineering teams will ensure proper installation and configuration to satisfy all your demands and expectation on radiator performance.

● Vethy™'s  All-Aluminum Radiators are brazed in controllable 

   atmosphere furnace to ensure highest quality and performance.


● All-aluminum design is lighter and better

   in heat transfer than copper/brass design.


● All-Aluminum design removes epoxy resin joints to avoid leak 

   due to damage of joints.   


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All Aluminium Car Radiator

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Need help with a part replacement? Contact Us Now!


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